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Lote Consulting is a specialist engineering practice providing fire safety, risk and security consulting services


We thrive on finding smarter, cost-effective and efficient solutions to design challenges in the Fire, Risk and Security space. Our track record of successful project delivery spans across Australia, Asia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

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Comparitive regulatory Compliance to Facade Fire Risk (Cladding)


11-13 March 2020


A comparison of regulatory compliance approaches to façade fire risk in a prescriptive (UAE) and performance based (Australia) regulatory environment - The Good, The Bad and The Way Forward. By Mr.Faimeen F Shah & Dr. Amer Magrabi (at SFPE 2020, Auckland, NZ)


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GLACIAL PROGRESS: Minister Under Fire Over Flammable Cladding Crisis


24 March 2020


NSW Cabinet is still considering how the state should handle the flammable cladding crisis more than six months after receiving advice from the building commissioner, leading to accusations the government is making "glacial progress" to fix serious risks.


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FRNSW Guideline Fire Hydrant Concessions for Existing Buildings


09 March 2020


Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) has recently published the Guidelines for Fire hydrant concessions for existing buildings for consent authorities (i.e. Councils) issuing Development Control Orders on existing buildings.


New Guidelines

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