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February 2022, Vol 003, Issue 01
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Welcome to the first Lote Notes Newsletter for 2022. Warm New Year greetings from Team Lote! We've had a restful break over the summer holiday period and hope you did as well. Now that we're back, we have several important fire and security topics to cover in 2022, including content from our team as usual.
On to content from our team: in November 2021, Lote was invited to present at the International CPTED Association (ICA) Conference in Sweden. You can view our presentation on the ICA YouTube Channel as shown by the link below. We have been exploring many of the topics and themes that were presented by other global CPTED practitioners, which we will present throughout the year.
Continuing with this theme, Lote presented at the 5th Fire & Security India Expo 2021 (FSIE) as a Special Guest Speaker. The presentation entitled ‘External Fire Spread via a Building Facade’ covered fire spread fundamentals; related building legislation and regulatory framework in Australia and India; the latest state of play with cladding compliance in Australia and some case studies to address cladding in existing and new buildings via prescriptive and performance-based approaches. An introduction to the ground breaking Australian Facade Fire Testing Standard AS 5113 - Fire Propagation Testing and Classification of External Walls of Buildings was provided. You can view the presentation video via the link below.
Our regular cybersecurity column Cyber Talk is also returning in 2022, this time providing a hands-on approach to password security. We know that password security is hardly a favourite activity when you're trying to run your business or deliver projects, but it is a crucial consideration for remaining protected when operating in the online space. Our column will show you how to manage password security with less hassle and greater strength than before, setting you up for a headache-free year.
Finally, we also wanted to address a topic which has seen increasing attention over the last couple of years: wellness and its relationship with work culture. At Lote, we firmly believe that efficient work goes hand-in-hand with personal wellbeing - but we know that over the last two years, wellbeing has been difficult to achieve. We hope that the short piece below, Unbreak, can help begin a conversation on how workplaces and staff can work together to get this balance right.
Once again, welcome to 2022 from Lote Consulting - we can't wait to receive your feedback on this edition of Lote Notes , and look forward to staying in touch with you this year.
Best Wishes & Stay Safe
Dr Amer Magrabi
Managing Director – Lote Consulting | Fire Safety & Security
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Lote's Articles
Lote's Presentation at the International
CPTED Association Conference 2021
By Dr Maher Magrabi and Zachariah Reisch
Keywords: Security, Cybersecurity, CPTED, International CPTED Association, Conference, Sweden, Presentation, Australian Approvals Process.
The International CPTED Association's 2021 Conference was held in Helsingborg Sweden, inviting guests from around the globe to attend both in person and virtually. While the Lote team was unable to physically attend the conference, we were thrilled to present our ideas virtually. Dr Maher Magrabi and Zachariah Reisch gave this presentation on CPTED and its role in the management of the Australian Development Approvals process - you can watch the full video via the button below.
Watch the Presentation Here
Lote's Presentation at the Fire and Security India Expo
By Dr Amer Magrabi
Keywords: Fire Engineering, Fire Safety, Fire & Security India Expo, Cavity Barrier, External Fire Spread, Non-Combustibility, ACP, Facade Testing.
The Fire & Security India Expo is an evolving platform which brings together parties interested in the development of passive, active, and organisational fire safety and security management solutions. Dr Amer Magrabi presented at the 2021 expo, strengthening vital international cooperation by providing an Australian legislative perspective to the discussion.
Watch the Presentation Here
Cyber Talk: Password Security for 2022
By Yahya Eid
Keywords: Cybersecurity, Password Security, Password Management, Password Complexity, Passphrase, Two Factor Authentication, Multi Factor Authentication.

Online activity continues to grow in volume and sophistocation, with internet connectivity being a ubiquitous component of both our business and personal lives. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the efficacy and ingenuity of abusers of the online space also continues to evolve to take advantage of this reality. So what can you do to protect your business and personal information? 
You don't need to have a cybersecurity degree in order to keep your information safe - all you need is to be informed and follow basic computer safety practices. Previous columns have addressed issues such as Phishing (so take a look at those too), but this column will focus on effective and simple password management you can use in the coming year and beyond.
Read More Here
By Dr Maher Magrabi
Keywords: Kintsugi, Wellbeing, Broken, Work Culture.
No matter who we are, we are all broken. In many instances, a toxic work culture demands that we build and maintain a facade of unbrokenness, sometimes even lying to maintain this deceit.
In a positive work culture, it's okay to be broken, where the daily struggle and life's challenges are acknowledged, because after all this is what it means to be human. No member of the team is perfect, but a team that is open about its brokenness knows how to compensate for each other's deficiencies and produce better outcomes.
In Japanese culture, there is an art form called Kintsugi, where the artist reassembles broken pottery with golden glue binding the broken pieces together to make an unbroken artwork where the breaks and imperfections are accentuated and celebrated. Being comfortable with our imperfections is the mark of true strength and a good team culture is the golden glue that helps bind imperfections to make an unbroken whole.
Upcoming NCC Changes: 2022
By Dr Amer Magrabi
Keywords: National Construction Code, NCC, Fire Engineering, Class 2, Class 2-9, Fire Brigade.
2022 is expected to be a momentous year with the National Construction Code (NCC) scheduled for release on 1 September 2021. A raft of legislative changes in relation to fire safety will be coming into force, especially in NSW. To set the scene, upcoming changes include:
(i) Environmental Planning and Assessment (Development Certification and Fire Safety) Regulation 2021 (the Regulation) comes into force on 1 January 2022
(ii) Industry report on reforms in NSW to improve fire safety in new and existing buildings
(iii) Class 2 Building Industry Reforms
(iv) Fire Brigades Operational Requirements for Class 2-9 buildings.
Please note that adoption of the NCC 2022 changes has been delayed until September 2022. However, you can read more about the NCC 2022 by clicking the button below.
Read More Here
In The News
Queensland Police launch updated crime prevention through environmental design guidelines
By The Queensland Police Service
The Queensland Police Service (QPS) Crime Prevention Programs Unit (CPPU) has launched updated crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) guidelines for Queensland. The purpose of the guidelines is to address the changing needs of Queensland communities informing the work of councils, professions, and the development industry.
CPTED aims to reduce and prevent crime through improving the decisions made in planning, designing and maintaining built environments. Acting Senior Sergeant Neil MacMillan said the guidelines provided practical solutions applicable to the unique needs of the communities across Queensland.
Read More Here
DFES BEB Operational Requirements:
Class 2-9 Buildings – Final
By The Government of Western Australia: Department of Fire & Emergency Services

A building’s compliance with the FES Commissioner’s Operational Requirements is critical for preventing fires, ensuring community preparedness and resilience and safe and effective firefighting operations. Operational Requirements relate to a range of hazards, however, the guidance provided in this document and the documentation supporting it, primarily relate to building fire.

This document aims to provide an overview and guidance on the Fire and Emergency Services (FES) Commissioner’s Operational Requirements.
Read More Here
Class 2 Building Industry Reforms – 1 July 2021
On 1 July 2021, changes were introduced to the residential building industry to restore consumer confidence and make sure that new apartments being built are trustworthy.
Read More Here
Construction and tradespeople – COVID19
Resources and guidance on how to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your construction, trade or home maintenance business, or for construction sites.
Read More Here
Industry resources  to help meet
new obligations
New resources are available through Construct NSW to assist with meeting the changed obligations under the new building reforms – see more information here.
Read More Here
Improving fire safety in new and existing buildings
By The NSW Government
The Office of the Building Commissioner commissioned a report by a working group of industry experts to identify ways the NSW Government can improve fire safety in class 2 residential buildings.
Read More Here
Important information for registered certifiers: new regulation to begin in the New Year
By The Association of Australian Certifiers
As some members will know, the NSW Government has recently released the Environmental Planning and Assessment (Development Certification and Fire Safety) Regulation 2021 (the Regulation).

The Regulation is relevant for registered certifiers and will commence on 1 January 2022, and therefore it is important that all members are across the relatively minor changes made by the Regulation.
Read More Here
IoT under attack: Security is still not good enough on these edge devices
By Liam Tung of ZDNet
With IoT botnets continuing to cause problems and attacks on critical infrastructure an ongoing menace, Microsoft has conducted research to find out whether edge network devices are a threat to enterprise systems.
A survey of 615 IT, IT security and OT security practitioners across the United States found that 51% of OT networks are connected to corporate IT networks. Some 88% of respondents said their business IoT devices are connected to the internet for things like cloud-printing services while 56% reported devices on their OT network were connected for remote access.
Read More Here
SysJoker Has Been Attacking Computers for Over Six Months
By Dave Leclair of How-To Geek
A scary backdoor is out there right now, targeting Windows, Linux, and macOS. This SysJoker malware is so frightening because it’s very good at evading detection, giving it the ability to do damage without the user noticing.
Read More Here
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