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Greetings from Lote Consulting in this October Edition of Lote Notes! We hope you and your family have been staying COVID-safe (and every other kind of safe!) and coping well with the current lockdowns and restrictions that affect much of Australia - and the world more broadly.

We've got a lot to cover in this Edition, with two articles from the Lote team covering the topics of Warehousing, IoT Robotics and Dangerous Goods, as well as the recently released updated Manchester Bombing Report. Additionally, we have the new Cyber Talk segment which will be a recurring section of our newsletter, and we'll also be featuring a video covering Lote's offering related to Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) - a rapidly growing part of our nation's critical infrastructure.

In the July edition of Lote Notes we highlighted NAIDOC Week for 2021, which carried the theme of 'Heal Country'. In addition to our staff-written pieces, this edition will also highlight an organisation dedicated to Australia's Indigenous communities: The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF). We would encourage you to read through the section of this newsletter dedicated to the organisation.

Finally, as usual we will be highlighting relevant headlines in the construction and development space. This includes a slew of regulatory changes, both related and unrelated to COVID-19, as well as increasingly ubiquitous cyber-security concerns.

As always, we love to hear your feedback and engage with you about current events in addition to our own articles. We're looking forward to speaking with you!

Best Wishes & Stay Safe
Dr Amer Magrabi
Managing Director - Lote Consulting | Fire Safety & Security
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Lote Articles

Warehousing, IoT Robotics and Dangerous Goods - Security and Fire Safety Perspectives

By Zachariah Reisch & Christopher Koch



Keywords: Warehousing, Internet of Things Robotics, Dangerous Goods, Security, Fire Safety, 24 Model, Dangerous Goods Transport, Hazardous Goods, Networks, Special Hazards, BCA, DtS.

The continued rise of E-commerce, spurred on at least in part by COVID-19 lockdowns, is set to drive another record year of industrial property development - primarily storage warehouses and production facilities. At the same time, transport and storage of Dangerous Goods remains a risk; with these goods causing ~30% of international shipping incidents, and global calls for safety reform.

This article will cover concerns relating to security and fire safety design for industrial developments, including warehouses, as well as concerns arising from Dangerous Goods in these contexts, and considerations for their transport and storage.

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Lessons from Manchester: A Review of Volume 1 Manchester Arena Inquiry - an Australian perspective

By Dr Maher Magrabi


Keywords: Manchester Bombing, Counter-Terrorism, Security, CPTED, Intelligence-Led Policing, Urban Design, Lone Wolf Attack, Improvised Explosive Device, Hostile Reconaissance, Threat Mitigation, Risk Assessment, CCTV, NTTAS.

The June 2021 release of Volume 1 of the Manchester Arena Inquiry Report presents an example of an attack on a crowded place, and with it a number of recommendations and lessons. This article aims to summarise some of these recommendations and draw out action points to asset owners, operators and event organisers.

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Cyber Talk: Email Fraud and Phishing

By Yahya Eid


Keywords: Cybersecurity, Social Engineering, Email Fraud, Phishing.

A shift in the attack vectors utilised by malicious parties has occurred, from IT systems to the end user themself. The focus placed on the human element as a target has allowed these bad actors to tap into the power of social engineering - whereby the vulnerability in the system becomes exploitable to human psychology, rather than technological barriers. Businesses need to evolve to counter this threat, as every organisation is vulnerable to a certain extent - and many are critically ill-prepared.

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NEW VIDEO | Lote's Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) Offering



Lote Consulting offers end to end risk management services for the lifecycle of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects during planning, design, construction as well as the operation and maintenance phase. Please watch our BESS Fire Safety and Security video on the risks that need to be managed in BESS projects.

Our team of specialists bring a wealth of experience and technical expertise to solve design challenges, mitigate project risk and enable you to meet your project objectives. Lote maintains regional offices throughout NSW and the ACT, and we regularly service developments Australia-wide in addition to our primary locations. We have also published similar works before, for example on Big-Battery-reliant Data Centres.

Early appointment of Security and Fire Engineering services allows for a seamless regulatory approval process and ensures that your vision for the project can be integrated with its associated compliance requirements. For more information, please call us on 1300 761 744 or send us an email at hello@loteconsulting.com.

BESS Video Presentation >>



In the previous edition of Lote Notes, we highlighted the important event of NAIDOC Week for 2021. The annual event reflected the theme of 'Heal Country', an idea which Lote supports wholeheartedly. To work towards this Healing of Country, Lote has engaged with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is a not-for-profit charity which not only provides thousands of new, culturally appropriate books to remote indigenous communities, but also encourages community development of early literacy and story-telling in both indigenous languages and English.

We would encourage all of our readers to take a look at the ILF's website below to get a feel for the kind of amazing work they do. Together we have the power to begin the Healing of Country, and provide remote communities with greater opportunity to forge their own paths and celebrate their culture.

ILF Website


In the News


DFES BEB Operational Requirements:
Class 2-9 Buildings - Final

By The Government of Western Australia: Department of Fire & Emergency Services



A building's compliance with the FES Commissioner's Operational Requirements is critical for preventing fires, ensuring community preparedness and resilience and safe and effective firefighting operations. Operational Requirements relate to a range of hazards, however, the guidance provided in this document and the documentation supporting it, primarily relate to building fire.

This document aims to provide an overview and guidance on the Fire and Emergency Services (FES) Commissioner's Operational Requirements.

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Australian govt warns of escalating LockBit ransomware attacks

By Sergiu Gatlan of Bleeping Computer



The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) warns of an increase of LockBit 2.0 ransomware attacks against Australian organizations starting July 2021. "ACSC has observed an increase in reporting of LockBit 2.0 ransomware incidents in Australia," Australia's cybersecurity agency said in a security alert issued on Thursday.

According to the agency, LockBit victims also report threats of having data stolen during the attacks leaked online, a known and popular tactic among ransomware gangs to coerce their targets into paying the ransoms.

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Australian Fire Engineering Guidelines: August 10th 2021

By The Australian Building Codes Board



The AFEG is part of the National Construction Code (NCC) support documents, and provides a guideline that meets the modern needs of the Australian fire engineering community. AFEG supersedes the International Fire Engineering Guidelines (IFEG).

The AFEG has been developed for use in the fire safety design of buildings. It will also be of use for appropriate authorities in carrying out their role of approving building designs.

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Class 2 Building Industry Reforms - 1 July 2021

On 1 July 2021, changes were introduced to the residential building industry to restore consumer confidence and make sure that new apartments being built are trustworthy.

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Construction Rules and Restrictions - COVID19

Construction sites across NSW can open, however many restrictions and rules are required for safe operation - such as mask use, occupant limits, and social distancing.

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Industry resources to help meet new obligations

New resources are available through Construct NSW to assist with meeting the changed obligations under the new building reforms - see more information here.

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