Tunnel Ventilation and Underground Fire & Life Safety Consulting Service

This new service has been launched in Australia and New Zealand to address the growing need for specialist consultancy addressing tunnel ventilation and underground fire & life safety in Australia and New Zealand. The service is being offered through a partnership between Lote Consulting, a member of the Live Global Fire Alliance headquartered in Sydney, and Mosen, a specialist tunnel ventilation consultancy based in the United Kingdom.

"The next few years will see unprecedented growth in road and rail infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand. Lote are excited to partner with Mosen to deliver integrated fire safety and tunnel ventilation services".

Dr Amer Magrabi, Principal, Lote Consulting

For additional information, please contact:

Dr Amer Magrabi, info@loteconsulting.com,
Ph: +61 1300 761 744

"We are delighted to work together with Lote Consulting to address the challenge of ensuring safe and efficient operation of underground tunnel and infrastructure. We have a track record of delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to major projects and are very keen in expanding our project portfolio in Australia and New Zealand".

Dr Fathi Tarada, Managing Director, Mosen

Dr Fathi Tarada, info@mosen.global,
Ph: +44 1342 458 427

The partners have already provided their services on the following projects:

  • Forrestfield Rail Tunnel, Perth, Western Australia
  • WestConnex Tender Phase 1B, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • NorthConnex (F3M2) Tender Phase, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • North-South Corridor and North-East Line Extension, Singapore
  • Central Expressway Tunnels, Singapore
  • Central, Adamstown, Redfern, Parramatta, Hurstville and Wynyard Railway Stations, NSW, Australia

Scope of Our Consultation

Type of Tunnels

  • Road Tunnels
  • Railway Tunnels
  • Metro Rail Underground
  • Diverse Utility Tunnels

Ventilation Systems

  • Longitudinal (jetfans, Saccardo nozzles & push-pull).
  • Semi-transverse systems.
  • Transverse systems.

Services Include:

  • 1D & 3D CFD calculations.
  • Fire & smoke simulations.
  • Fan selections.
  • Noise calculations.
  • Evacuation analysis.
  • Independent reviews.
  • On-site testing and Commissioning.

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