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March 2020, Vol 001, Issue 01
Lote Notes | Fire, Risk and Security in Practice
Welcome to the Lote Notes, our inaugural quarterly newsletter that aims to offer insights into the world of fire, risk and security.
Our collective entry into the new decade has been rocked by an unprecedented Bushfire season in Australia, followed by a lot of rainfall including the major flooding of several rivers systems in Australia and now COVID-19.
As the country seems gripped in a state of panic and we witness some pretty shocking behaviour, such as actual physical assaults over toilet paper, it behoves us building industry professionals to not give into the hysteria and panic, but rather to act based on the facts and an assessment of the risks. A risk-based management plan is what is required both by organisations and individuals to navigate these trying circumstances.
The aim of our newsletter is to regularly brief you on industry specific updates in relation to fire engineering, risk assessment and security consulting that will impact on your practice in the built environment be it planning, design or construction.
In this issue we will be focussing on four topical matters:
  • COVID-19: Business update, tips for organisations and individuals 
  • BCA 2019 Clause of the Year – C1.9 Non-combustible building elements
  • Emerging risks from Lithium-ion batteries in data centres
  • Challenges to Law Enforcement when dealing with cybercrime
Whilst personalised customer focused performance-based solutions are our priority, tougher new rules and regulations need to be adhered to and keeping you abreast of their impact on your project or development is all part of our duty of care.
Lastly, we also share our recent achievement of attaining the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and what this means for the future of our business.
We hope you will find this newsletter useful and welcome your feedback via our web portal.
Best Wishes,
Dr. Amer Magrabi
Managing Director - Lote Consulting Fire | Risk | Security
COVID-19 Business Update
With COVID-19 (the coronavirus) affecting businesses around the world, this is a difficult time for everyone. At Lote Consulting, our priority remains the health and wellbeing of our clients, employees and communities.

Lote Consulting is committed to the timely delivery of your projects and supporting our partners despite the changing circumstances brought about by COVID-19. We are actively pursuing business continuity strategies that minimise disruption to any of our projects and will be undertaking some changes to our fire safety inspection services and security consultancy to further this goal. This includes following any government directives on travel, self-quarantine and social distancing initiatives.

Our Risk Management and Coronavirus Response Teams have been working diligently since early January to make sure we are well prepared and have implemented a Business Continuity Plan to ensure that our staff remain healthy, safe and productive during this period. We meet daily to reassess the situation and share best practices from around the world.

Today, in addition to following the Australian Health authorities’ guidelines, we have introduced additional measures to reduce the risk to our people, including encouraging many of them to work remotely where appropriate. Despite these changes our dedication to client service will be unaffected, and our staff will remain accessible and ready to assist you with any issues – whether they’re related to our services or how the COVID-19 situation affects your business.

We’re here, and we’re committed to supporting you during this time of uncertainty. If you have any questions, please contact us.
   Tips for Individuals   
BCA 2019 Clause of the Year
Building Code of Australia 2019 (BCA) Clause C1.9 put an end to the use of combustible materials on building facades in an explicit fashion. Although this has been an implicit requirement since BCA 1996 or earlier. Recent cladding incidents such as the Grenfell Fire and the Lacrosse Fire have necessitated further clarification and a dedicated clause BCA C1.9. Clause C1.9 has generated considerable controversy and discussion due to its application retrospectively to existing buildings and current projects in construction.
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Emerging Risks: Lithium Ion Batteries
The expansion in the use of Lithium Ion batteries has become a challenge for attending Fire Fighters. Battery Systems have been introduced into the Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2019 as a defined term with provisions based on a minimum size of system. However, based on the large-scale testing of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) undertaken by FM Global consideration should still be given to ESS containing banks of Lithium Ion batteries in the form of spacing, compartmentation and sprinkler operation. A holistic performance-based fire safety approach approach is warranted taking into consideration Building Code of Australia (BCA), Dangerous Goods Storage & Handling and Special Fire Hazard requirements.
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​Challenges to Law Enforcement when dealing with Cybercrime
Governments across the world are struggling to keep up with the growing threat of cybercrime and the evolving techniques used by its practitioners. Australian law enforcement faces numerous challenges in its response to the transnational nature of cybercrime, the evolution of technologies in encryption and the widespread distribution of computing and cloud computing.
Check out this article which details these issues and proposes a way forward.
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Milestone: ISO 9001:2015
We are proud to announce that Lote has recently been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification which recognises that our business operations are in line with the International Standards for Quality Management.
To find out what this means for us going forward, see our Press Release.
Press Release
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