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February 2021,  Vol 002, Issue 01
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Greetings from Lote Consulting at this beginning of this Calendar Year 2021 – we are refreshed and reinvigorated and we hope you are as well! While we at Lote rested over the New Year’s break, the Renewable Energy and Waste Recycling industries have been anything but stagnant – yes, if it weren’t obvious already, our topic for this Newsletter is the Renewable Energy and Waste Treatment in Australia.
According to the UN Environment Programme Report 2019, a mere 9% of the 90 billion tonnes of primary materials extracted globally are recycled. While this has had a significant detrimental impact on the planet, the flip side of this collective quandary is the creation of a significant opportunity with the sustainable development sector. The World Business Council has quantified this as a $4 trillion sector that could result in the creation of new industries and employment, while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the efficient use of energy, water and material natural resources.
In the 2020 calendar year, the NSW government initiated a number of large-scale construction projects aimed at stimulating the economy as a response to COVID-19 frigidity. These tranches saw success across a variety of industries, including energy generation and waste recovery. While these projects are almost all ongoing, the trend set for government support of these industries is encouraging, to say the least.

Further to the already announced projects as a part of the Fast-tracked Tranches, the NSW and Victorian governments in particular have been aggressively pursuing renewable energy schemes to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. While much of this pursuit remains under deliberation, the trend both in Australia and globally is towards renewable energy. As larger and more numerous renewable energy producers spread across the state and country, rapid innovation is pushing renewables beyond the traditional horizons of solar and wind to the extraction of ethanol, biodiesel and hydrogen from waste, biomass and other sustainable sources.

A similarly renewable-focused industry that is experiencing growth during this period is that of waste recovery and recycling. Given Australia’s incapability to handle the necessary medical waste created by large-scale pandemics, medical-waste processing facilities in particular are in demand. Liquid Waste collection and General Waste treatment are also needed to meet the increasing needs of ongoing mining operations – this also stimulates regional jobs and economies closer to these mines in many situations. Ongoing population increases also generally increase the need for these services.

Moreover in early December 2020, the Federal Government introduced the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020 banning the export of unprocessed waste overseas. This legislation is expected to provide a stimulus that allows local infrastructure to reprocess and re-manufacture recyclables onshore. These examples are few of many, and overall it appears as though the industry is already on the road to recovery, and should be monitored closely as an area of opportunity in 2021 and beyond.

With this introductory overview squared away, please enjoy the following articles written by Lote’s Fire Engineering and Security teams.

Best Wishes & Stay Safe
Dr Amer Magrabi
Managing Director - Lote Consulting | Fire Safety & Security
Making the world safe and secure
Security Perspectives in Renewables and Waste Management
By Dr Maher Magrabi
Keywords: Renewables, Waste Management, Security, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Cyber Security
Sustainability and Environmental Protection underlie massive shifts in the energy industry and waste management. This article explores these sectors and sheds light on security considerations that need to be taken into account during development projects. It also provides a summary of security and risk considerations for planners and project managers involved in renewable energy and waste management projects.
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Fire Safety and Waste Management Facilities – Common Issues Encountered in the Industry
By Srinath Iyengar
Keywords: Waste Management, Waste Treatment, Fire Safety, Fire Risk Assessment, FRNSW Waste Facility Guideline, Fire Performance Design, Large-Isolated Building, Fire Detection Efficacy, Waste Stockpile Fire Hazard, Waste Smoke Management
The Federal Government introduced the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020 in early December 2020, banning the export of unprocessed waste overseas. This legislation is expected to provide a stimulus to reconfigure local infrastructure to reprocess and re-manufacture recyclables onshore in Australia. This article sheds light on fire safety considerations for the growing number of waste management facilities being established around Australia.
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Fire and Smoke Separation in Aged Care
By Yahya Elhallak 
Keywords: Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF), Class 9c, Fire Safety, Fire Compartmentation, Smoke Compartmentation, Passive Fire Construction, Fire Resistance Level (FRL), Fire Stopping, Smoke Sealing
The National Construction Code (NCC) Building Code of Australia (BCA) puts significant emphasis on the fire and smoke separation in a Class 9c Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF). This article explores the Fire & Life Safety regulation surrounding aged Care developments.
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In the News
SA renewables hit high mark in 2020
By Jessica Bassano of InDaily: Adelaide News
Defying expectations of disruption as a result of COVID-19, South Australia's renewables market had a record year in 2020. Announcing a world-first of meeting 100% of the state's electricity needs via the sole use of Solar Energy for over an hour, the future of renewables in South Australia is set to be electrifying. 
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$30 million boost for South Australian recycling industry
By David Speirs MP
A result of the Morrison Government's $190M Recycling Modernisation Fund (RMF), South Australia's recycling industry is set to receive a $30M boost that will allow them to halt the export of plastic, paper, glass and tyres for overseas processing. In line with the newly announced Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (2020), we can expect to see a booming recycling scene across Australia. 
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Advice issued for 17 suburbs in Melbourne’s west after tip fire
By Jack Paynter of News.com.au
A fire at a Melbourne tip caused 17 suburbs to go on alert for fire and smoke concerns. While the tip was fortunately processing non-hazardous building supplies, it raises concerns about the safety of such sites and their capacity to spread hazardous material in the event of a fire.
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Green Hydrogen, The Fuel Of The Future, Set For
50-Fold Expansion
By Mike Scott of Forbes
As seven of the world's largest Green Hydrogen producers come together to produce the Green Hydrogen Catapult Initiative, it is estimated that the production of Green Hydrogen will increase fifty-fold in the coming six years. What impact will this have for for the renewables market, both in Australia and internationally?
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NSW Government's $32 billion renewable energy
plan announced
By Danuta Kozaki of ABC News
The NSW government is promising households cleaner and cheaper energy, as well as the opportunity of over 9,000 jobs, as a result of the recently announced massive funding plan for renewable energy. With a further shift of state funding towards renewable energy, major infrastructure developments can be expected as a staple into the future.
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