Renewable Energy, Power and Storage

Crudine Wind Farm

Mudgee, NSW

Noor Energy Solar Farm

Dubai, UAE

TransGrid Substation

Haymarket, NSW
  • RCR-Tomlinson Solar Plant, Greenough River, WA
  • RCR-Tomlinson Solar Plant, Claremont, WA
  • RCR-Tomlinson Solar Plant, Haughton, Queensland
  • RCR-Tomlinson Solar Plant, Wemen, VIC
  • Energy Australia City East Cable Tunnel, NSW
  • Energy Australia Substation, North Sydney, NSW
  • Energy Australia Cable Fire Protection Study, NSW
  • BP Solar, Sydney, NSW
  • Ausgrid Substation, Summer Hill, NSW
  • RailCorp Traction Substation, NSW
  • Crudine Wind Farm Facility, Mudgee, NSW
  • BP Solar Frederick, Maryland, USA
  • BP Solar Bangalore, Electronics City II, India
  • BP Solar Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain
  • Noor Energy Solar Farm, Dubai, UAE

Lote Capabilities

Create your architectural vision and make it functional. Leave the fire safety compliance to us. Read More

Detailed risk assessment including quantitative analysis of uncertainties in planning, design, operation and maintenance. Read More

Covering dangerous goods needs, from data centres and medical facilities to chemical storage and waste facilities. Read More

Following NSW Government Hazardous Industry Planning Advisory Paper Number 2, a fire safety study is undertaken during the design stage to ensure that the fire safety measures are appropriate for the fire risk within the building.

Including Crime Risk Assessments, CPTED Review, Security Systems Design more. Read More

Preparation of Emergency Management Planning documentation for 12+ emergency types, such as Fires, Medical Emergencies, Gas & Electrical Emergencies, Floods, and even Building Invasions or Bomb Threats. Read More

Assessment of the Social Impact that new developments will have on the surrounding community environment. Read More

Development of Cybersecurity strategies to prevent unwanted access, loss or theft of information, ransoming of network infrastructure, and other undesirable outcomes. Read More

Analysis of Terror risks to your organisation and the preparation of appropriate measures to protect lives and property. Read More

Fire Safety Value

The increased shift in energy solutions that do not rely on fossil fuels and growing need to maintain energy supply has seen the increase in renewable energy sources and large scale battery installations. However, with these new systems unique fire hazards are introduced that may impact on occupants and fire brigade intervention.

Risk Profile

As the world moves towards cleaner methods of energy generation, large-scale infrastructure projects generate and store energy and ensure its reliable delivery to the electricity grid. Ensuring that these services are not at adverse risk from crime, cybercrime or terrorism is critical.

Our Fire Experience

Renewable energy and energy storage systems and the hazards they present are not widely considered within the relevant building regulations due to the niche nature of these projects and the unique hazards they present. Lote is experienced with working through these hazards with relevant stakeholders to develop a design that considers both occupant life safety and fire brigade intervention.

Our Security Experience

Renewable Energy, Power and Storage projects are challenging from a security perspective as they exist in a variety of geographic contexts and are at risk from a variety of threats including crime, cybercrime, and terrorism. Lote understands this risk profile and prepares an appropriate security response, tailored to the site and the specific risk context of its location and type.

Lote Notes

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