Security Consulting

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Prioritise Security Without Compromising on Design

Lote knows how to integrate security measures seamlessly to maintain your design vision.

Make Security the Cornerstone of Your Project

Our team engages with the various project stakeholders or conducts formal Security Workshops to understand the security risk environment and contextualises this within the project deliverables and operational lifecycle.

Begin with a Crime Risk Assessment and Manage your Risks using CPTED Methodologies

Let our licensed security consultants provide their recommendations early on in the project to facilitate crime prevention as a design outcome, saving on expensive measures to mitigate crime into the future.

Security Culture

Our holistic approach to security integrates the latest technology to assist in the mitigation of your risks. We deliver a security awareness paradigm which ensures that security is ingrained in the organisational culture and not just reactive measures that are not planned or budgeted.

Planning and Approval Stage
  • Crime Risk Assessment
  • CPTED Review
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Workshop
Design Stage
  • Security Requirement Specification
  • Security System Design
  • Total Security Management Plan
Construction Stage
  • Construction Stage Documentation
  • Tender Management
  • Post Installation Audit Report

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