Health and Medical

Docker Medical

Wagga Wagga, NSW

Canberra Hospital

Canberra, ACT

Northshore Veterinary Hospital

Artarmon, NSW
  • Diaverum Dialysis Centre, Stirling, WA
  • Ryde Hospital, Earlwood, NSW
  • Canberra Hospital, Garran, ACT
  • Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide, SA
  • Rockhampton Hospital, Rockhampton, QLD
  • Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, Illawarra, NSW
  • Wolper Private Hospital, Woollahra, NSW
  • Lake Macquarie Private Hospital, Gateshead, NSW
  • Wolper Jewish Hospital, Woollahra, NSW
  • Bathurst Hospital Redevelopment, Bathurst, NSW
  • Kolling Institute, St Leonards, NSW
  • NSW Health TS 11 Health Infrastructure Review, NSW

Lote Capabilities

Create your architectural vision and make it functional. Leave the fire safety compliance to us. Read More

Compliance with building codes in various locations including the Australian National Construction Code. Read More

Providing specialist solutions through diverse Passive Fire System installations appropriate to the structural fire protection and safety needs of a building. Read More

Covering dangerous goods needs, from data centres and medical facilities to chemical storage and waste facilities. Read More

Fire engineering risk assessment of building façades, including core sampling and laboratory fire testing services, to determine the combustible content of the façade material. Read More

Including Crime Risk Assessments, CPTED Review, Security Systems Design more. Read More

Preparation of Emergency Management Planning documentation for 12+ emergency types, such as Fires, Medical Emergencies, Gas & Electrical Emergencies, Floods, and even Building Invasions or Bomb Threats. Read More

Assessment of the Social Impact that new developments will have on the surrounding community environment. Read More

Development of Cybersecurity strategies to prevent unwanted access, loss or theft of information, ransoming of network infrastructure, and other undesirable outcomes. Read More

Analysis of Terror risks to your organisation and the preparation of appropriate measures to protect lives and property. Read More

Fire Safety Value

Health and Medical developments are an essential service to the community especially for the ill, immobile and infirm. The occupants of these developments are at a disadvantage in terms of mobility and thus, the fire safety engineering design of these developments is to provide infrastructure design that maximises occupant safety in the event of a fire.

Risk Profile

Health and Medical developments are crucial community hubs, servicing the sick and injured. However, these locations are susceptible to a variety of security concerns, operating at the intersection of vulnerable individuals and groups, around-the-clock use, public thoroughfare, expensive equipment, and often-restricted medication.

Our Fire Experience

Lote has been involved with the Healthcare sector since our founding, specialising in a variety of services required to accommodate the unique requirements of the ill, immobile and infirm. This includes passive fire protection, provision of master fire strategy plans, and assisting with evacuation plans to assist in maximising elderly safety.

Our Security Experience

Lote understands the specialised balance required to manage the unique constraints and features of medical facilities, including large hospitals. We can assist with security design for concerns such as access control and video surveillance, ensuring that medical and health facilities can operate without fear of criminal activity.

Lote Notes

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